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if a thermostat is not opening will that cause the cooling sensor not to turn on cooling fan in a 1995 Pontiac?

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    A stuck thermostat will not cause the coolant sensor to prevent turn the fan from turning on. The coolant temp sensor for the fan is the same one used for the computer. It is located in the intake manifold or cylinder head. I have never seen a coolant temp sensor in the radiator. If there is a sensor in the radiator it is a low coolant sensor. Your fan is turned on by the engine control module. The engine control module monitors the coolant temp and commands the cooling fan relay on when cooling is needed (around 220 F. to 230 F.) or when the A/C system is on. If your cooling fan isn't coming on, you either have a bad coolant temp sensor, fan relay, fan motor, or wiring problem.

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    The fan temperature sensor is in the radiator. the one by the thermostat is for computer & gauge/light. A stuck stat will make it overheat even if the fan works properly.

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