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in fighting movies, do acttors actually know how to fight in real life?

like in buffy or jackie chan!

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    It depends. Jackie Chan was taught martial arts from the time he was a child as part of his training to be a performer. Sarah Michelle Gellar had no formal training in martial arts. Collin Furth studied fencing as part of his training to be a performer. It just depends. Kevin Sarbo does not know how to throw a punch.

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    Many times they train specifically for the show. Other times they already know. Like Jackie Chan for instance. He has been fighting for decades and he does his own stuns. So he certainly knows how to fight in real life. Other actors train for the movies specifically, but it is still REAL training. A few examples would be Ryan Reynolds for movies like Blade and Green Lantern. Or even kids, like Jaden Smith who was only 11 had extensive training for 'The Karate Kid'.

    Most of the time, even if they didn't know how to before the movie they have at least some fighting skill afterwards.

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    yes they do have some sort of training but actors usually use a technique callled stage fighting. look that up on google, and everything will make sense to u.

    btw, how old are you? you sound very young -_-

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