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Who are the 'Great greys'?

I know Milton and Gem twist are two but who are the rest?

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    Desert Orchid-'Dessie' as he was affectionately known is as recognisable outside racing as he is within it

    Native Dancer- This legendary American Racehorse was nicknamed the ‘Gray Ghost’ and achieved new levels of fame due to the growing popularity of new innovation, television, which transmitted many of his successes into the homes of excited watchers.

    One Man- Something of a tragic hero, ‘One man’, affectionately known in the yard as Solo, won £459,000 in prize money and counted successive King George VI wins at Kempton and a Queen Mother Champion Chase at Cheltenham among his impressive victories.

    The Gray Goose- At one point the Gray Goose and his human partner, American Kim Walnes, were the third highest rated Eventing pair in the world.

    Murphy Himself- Ian Stark has had two notable grey partners in the Eventing world, Murphy Himself and Glenburnie

    Flint Curtis- During 2009 yet another grey came to fore in Three Day Eventing and secured victory at the prestigious Badminton Horse Trials.

    Manarchos. He was the second fastest Kentucky winner in history.

    Snowman (1949-1974) was a former plow horse on his way to the "meatmarket", that went on to become a champion in show jumping in the 1950s

    Traveller.- General Robert E. Lee had ridden throughout the American Civil War on a grey coloured horse. He was lees favorite mount

    Hope that helps :)

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    The racehorse Desert Orchid

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    Never heard of the Great Greys, but Dessie should definitely be on that list!

    I reckon Lenamore should be one too - fantastic little horse. It's the Connemara blood in him that's kept him going this long (he's 18 now)

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    I hear a lot a bout a horse called Snowman who was taken from a slauthger yard and won a lot of jumping championships.

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