Problems with fixing failed THC-Hydra dependencies in Cygwin?

First of all, I must say that I am fairly new to Cygwin (although not to Linux in general), but I'm also a quick learner. I wanted to use Cygwin to compile and install THC-Hydra 7.1. I downloaded THC-Hydra from the official website and extracted it to my user folder under C:\Cygwing\home\Username in a folder named "Hydra". Upon running the "./configure" command, the following result comes up:

Username@Username-PC ~/Hydra

$ ./configure

Starting hydra auto configuration ...

Checking for openssl (libssl, libcrypto, ssl.h, sha.h) ...

... found

Checking for idn ( ...

... NOT found, unicode logins and passwords will no

t be supported

Checking for pcre (, pcre.h) ...

... NOT found, server response checks wil

l be less reliable

Checking for Postgres (, libpq-fe.h) ...

... NOT found, module postgres disa


Checking for SVN (libsvn_client-1 ...

... NOT found, mo

dule svn disabled

Checking for firebird ( ...

... NOT found, module firebird disabled

Checking for MYSQL client (, math.h) ...

... NOT found, module Mysq

l will not support version > 4.x

Checking for AFP ( ...

... NOT found, module Apple Filing Protocol d

isabled - Apple sucks anyway

Checking for NCP ( / nwcalls.h) ...

... NOT found, module NCP disabled

Checking for SAP/R3 (librfc/saprfc.h) ...

... NOT found, module sapr3 disabled

Get it from

Checking for libssh (libssh/libssh.h) ...

... NOT found, module ssh disabled

Get it from

Checking for Oracle ( / oci.h) ...

... NOT found, module Orac

le disabled

Checking for GUI req's (pkg-config, gtk+-2.0) ...

... found

Hydra will be installed into .../bin of: /usr/local

(change this by running ./configure --prefix=path)

Writing ...

Cygwin detected, if compilation fails just update your installation.

Windres found, will attach icons to hydra cygwin executables

now type "make"

At first I tried to look for individual missing libraries using the setup.exe, but not only was it a hassle, but also I couldn't seem to find all libraries needed. I thought that installing all -devel libraries would solve the problem, but as you can see from the above output, it did not. After installing all -devel libraries didn't work, I tried to look for individual RPM files to install them. Now I managed to find some RPM files which, I think, would be right, but when I try to install, say, libidn-1.18-2.el6.i686.rpm, I get the following output:

Username@Username-PC ~

$ cd RPM

Username@Username-PC ~/RPM

$ rpm -hiv --ignoreos libidn-1.18-2.el6.i686.rpm

warning: libidn-1.18-2.el6.i686.rpm: V3 RSA/MD5 signature: NOKEY, key ID c105b9d


error: Failed dependencies:

/bin/sh is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

/sbin/install-info is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

/sbin/ldconfig is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

rpmlib(FileDigests) <= 4.6.0-1 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

rtld(GNU_HASH) is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

rpmlib(PayloadIsXz) <= 5.2-1 is needed by libidn-1.18-2.el6

As it is insane to know all the other libraries you should have prior to installing one, it is worth noticing that such a directory as "/bin/sh" exists under my Cygwin directory, so I don't know why Cygwin can't see it. I indeed don't have the "/sbin/" directory at all, and I'm not sure whether it should be there by default and if this is some sort of error that it doesn't exist, or should I create it myself somehow.

Solving all the above can give a real headache (not to mention other problems that may emerge when installing other libraries). Thus, I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find all the dependencies required by THC-Hydra? I've tried to look for them myself, but can't find the

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  • 9 years ago
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    If push comes to shove, just build the depencencies you need (And you don't need all of them)

    Installing all -devel libraries just makes sure you install packages with the header files necessary to compile packages that depend on them, but won't install any new packages.

    List of packages that you can install with setup.exe

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    5 years ago

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