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David asked in SportsGolf · 9 years ago

What Do You Think About Phil Mickelson's HOF Election?

Phil Mickelson is the only golfer elected this year to the Hall of Fame. What surprised me is he got 72% of the vote. That still beats the 65% required, but why wouldn't someone vote for him?

BQ. Phil the Thrill has 39 career victories including four majors. Will he reach 50 career victories on the regular tour? Will any of them be majors?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I personally am thrilled. Even though he wasn't the best golfer, he had a heart and was very kind. I heard that he was one of the only golfers that actually gave out tips ($100 bills to be precise) while the others just left. (golf digest.) Why wouldn't someone vote for him? Well maybe they like one of the other golfers very much, or they just never knew too much about Phil to vote for him. The world will never know.

    BQ: Personally, I don't think he will reach 50. I am going to say 42-43 at the most and let me explain. Same with Tiger, there is a whole new playing field now. Better, stronger, new players that will make it even more difficult. To be honest, I wouldn't even be surprised if he doesn't win anything on the regular PGA tour. And I am going to say maybe, I think if anything 1 major could find its way in there. That seems reasonable.

    Hope this helps and may god bless you all! ^_^

  • TB
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    9 years ago

    Good for him. He didn't get votes because he has a lot of missing pieces off his resume. No player of the year award in 21 years, he never won the PGA Tour money Title, and he has missed a lot of Cuts because he is quite inconsistent at times.

    BQ - Nope, he won't get close to 50. He may win another Major, maybe 2. The Masters is his best shot by far

  • mbl
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    9 years ago

    I've never really cared about HOF discussions. It's so black and white. I'm not interested in neatly categorizing what athletes have accomplished. The careers and the numbers are what they are and speak for themselves. But Phil is clearly a HOF golfer. Outside of Tiger, he's been the most exciting golfer to watch over the past 2 decades.

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