why do so many bronies want to have sex with MLP characters?

OK I was given the first few episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I thought it was cute and rather funny but nothing to go mad over. Then on the internet I started to see grown men totally obsessed with this and even going so far as to declare love for and intentions to commit what amounts to bestiality with the characters.I already know about rule 34, but the scale of this freaks me out and I want to know. Why this squicky obssession?

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  • 8 years ago
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    We don't. Seriously. That's a 4chan thing not a brony thing. Most of us on the broader internet--at least half of us on YouTube--are _well aware_ it's a Youth-rated show and that this crap is well, crap and completely inappropriate.

    As for 4channel? They have a longstanding track record of being perverted about their cartoons, particularly if the characters are anthropomorphized at all (read: passably intelligent and human-like). They'll make excuses of the "oh but they're a sentient species" sort, but really now....

    I'm thinking half of it is trolling on their part, and that the other half might well be confusing attraction to _characters_ played by the _actresses_ with feelings towards the literal ponies.

    But yeah, for most of us _non-4chan_ people it's just a simple, innocent cartoon. A sugar rush. Nothing more. Entirely platonic.

    Source(s): Really, check out 4chan's track record on Pokemon. Much the same deal, only worse.
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  • Rachel
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    8 years ago

    I don't understand the attraction either.. Perhaps because the ponies are kinda sweet and girly and beautiful (as far as ponies go..) and since they're bronies, the ponies are equivalent of hot girls/guys that you see in manga or anime, for anime and manga fans, except that theyre not human. So they sort of 'love' the characters and show their love by declaring intentions of bestiality (?!). They may be thinking that it's only a fantasy anyway, so why not fantasize about the outrageous?

    plus the obsessive men do not consider issues like the fact that they would probably be crushed to death or something if they try to engage in bestiality with these characters in reality..

    Source(s): I'm only guessing. I'm not a brony..
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  • 8 years ago

    Some bronies are weird like that.

    I can garuntee you not all bronies are like that though. I am 17, in a happy relationship with a perfectly normal female, and there's nothing wrong with my mental state.

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