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In Animal Farm, how is Napoleon a corrupt leader, and what is Orwell’s message about corruption?

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    Napoleon is corrupt because he becomes like the farmer, Mr. Jones. Over time, through subtly the rules the animals used to rule by, Napoleon becomes the master of the farm. Napoleon moves into the Jones' house, drinks and eats the best food, sleeps on the Jones' bed and wears the Jones' clothes. The animals on the farm, on the other hand, face political repression, sharply reduced food rations against greater work requirements. Worst of all, Napoleon sells the aged Boxer, the most strident supporter of the animal's revolution against Jones and Napoleon's strongest supporter, to the glue factory. At the end of the novel, Napoleon invites the neighboring farmers for dinner and they tell him that he has done a good job with the farm, producing more than Mr. Jones did with much lower costs toward the animals.

    If Orwell has a message on corruption -- the novel is a satire on the Soviet Union and particularly the rule of Josef Stalin, who is Napoleon (Snowball is Trotsky) -- is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely...

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    Corruption In Animal Farm

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    Its a long time since I read it but basically he disposes of any competition to his leadership and Orwells basic message is absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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