Ace Combat Assault Horizon?

I just wanted to know if Ace Combat Assault Horizon was worth buying. I heard the controls have changed a bit but I wanna hear everyone's opinion about it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    That is up to you really. For me, I actually love playing it, pretty much can't stop playing it. I been a fan since AC5 and this game is really on my top list of the series. Graphics and music are incredilby well done in this game.

    Story for the most part is different from the other in the series. While the others are pretty much just grow of character around the main person, and how everyone sees the great nameless hero. This one is about meaning, then character growth. I mean a character growing strong is one thing thats ok and portaying how they changed people is fine and dandy but Giving a meaning to their actions that can be placed in real life, then it is something that you gotta love (I am really into that kind of stories)

    Concepts of DFM (DogFight Mode) Counter Manuevers and ASM (Air to Surface Mode) are great, but they are very overly used and makes the game extremely easy. Plus for the most part DFM and ASM are very scripted meaning that it is part of the game it follows a story piece where you can't shoot down enemies and you can't stop what they are going to do. Though it was very well done, but just really overused.

    They took out guns targeting which made it hard to even shoot down enemies when you are low on bullets, but the game returned Missile Glory from Ace Combat 6, which is a great relief and they took out the heavy smoke output which gave blinding effect.

    Adding bombers and Ground target support jets like Spooky, Spirit, Lancer, BlackHawks, Hind, and Apache. Makes the game very versitile from most air combat games, but makes it feel out of character for a AC game. Though it is still cool to play as them.

    In it the game overall is a rollercoaster for most of the people who play the game. It has its ups, downs, turns and curves, that most people do not like. In it, you like in a rollercoaster you come out of it in two ways, 1) You get a good thrill in your life or 2) you get sick to your stomach

    That being said, if you are full of the older versions you are most likely going to end down the path of 2 but if flexible enough you might go down path 1.

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  • 8 years ago

    If you like the other Ace Combat games, don't bother.

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  • 8 years ago

    Its a pretty good game.

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