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I have a stomach ach thats gotten worse?

i have had a stomach ach for about four hours now and its gotten worse i cant even get up im just in bed because it hurts so bad... i didnt eat anything weird. Any help on what this is or how to help it?! please thanks!

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    Try to be as specific as you can. The stomach is located on your left side, under the ribs.

    the more serious things:

    Lower abdomen right side pain, appendix - Appendicitis?

    Lower chest, under ribs, gall bladder - Cholelithiasis?

    GERD - Gastroesophageal reflux disease (heart burn)

    Stomach is middle to left above belly button

    If it is gas, try to pass the gas. elevate buttocks above your abdomen.

    You could also be hungry or dehydrated.

    Drink some water.

    You may need to consider a consult with a physician

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