is it normal that i can read anyone's dream and tell them what it really means without really knowing them?

every since i was a little girl i always felt like someone was watching me and i still get that feeling to this day. I'm 18 now and over the years i have sorta trained myself to control things that i can do. like i can control my mind when i sleep. i can chose to dream what i want to dream and control what happens in my dream. also when i dream i see into the future? i pretty much have visions of something happening, i first started getting this visions when i was 10 years old. and at first they would just focus on one thing and everything else would be very blurry now when i have them their clear as day and i can hear people talking i can feel me being there. i pretty am using all my 5 senses. anyway i have friends who come to me and tell me their dreams and i tell them what it means and they freak out because i tell whats really going on and some of my friends i found some their dark secrets. its weird because i don't even have to try. it just comes naturally to me. i ask them one question and then everything just comes to me. i also can walk into a room our a house or place and feel something inside of me. sometimes its a bad feeling or its good warming feeling.

my question i just imaging stuff or is this the real deal? also my mom tells me not to think into it at all because we are a christian family and she might think its the devil or some dark stuff that i shouldn't get in to. because when my mom was little and i think still to this day she says someone is trying to talk to her but she ignores it all the time. and on my moms side of the family my grandma and her sisters have a secret that they won't tell anyone. but all we know is that they use to practice magic..............sooooooooooo help me out please and thank you.

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  • Bill
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    8 years ago
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    Hi Cheyenne,

    You could be, but you're probably not imagining it. And I do not consider your experiences normal.

    But understand from a Christian and theological perspective, there are two sides to the supernatural--and special knowledge--Good and evil. So, assuming for the sake of this answer that your experiences and insights are real, it is important to find out their source. And be careful. Now that you are old enough to know right from wrong, you are responsible for you choices. Hence, you can get into more difficulty than, say, when you were a child.

    Your mother may be right. I cannot say for sure. But it is important that you consider seriously her opinion. But two aspects of what you wrote above points in that direction: (1) sometimes you get "a bad feeling" and (2) your grandmother and her sisters were perhaps into magic. (Magic in Harry Potter and other stories are fictional devices, for the purpose of telling a good story. In real life, sorcery is never good and is warned against strongly in the Bible.) I'm not saying you are practicing sorcery, only that you need to be sure of your source of beyond-normal knowledge and impressions.

    Meanwhile, you might check out this website www/ (a Christian organization that deals with such things). Listen to your intuition. If it is warning you, it's best to back off.

    Best wishes.

    I have prayed for you.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well its definitely real, and not its not quite normal... but that's not something to be worried about. It's just your special talent! I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think it's anything involving black magic or the devil, because although that stuff DOES exist, it's all controlled. What your having happen isn't something that your particularly "controlling" it's just a talent that God has given you. So with that being said, you should keep helping your friends but at the same time i wouldn't recommend like opening a psychic shop or anything like that because the bible does say things against that.... And the feeling you get when you walk into somewhere isn't bad, you just have super good intuition. Some people are quite a bit more in touch with themselves and their surroundings as well as other people, you're one of those people. So, don't worry about your talent, there's nothing wrong with it. Just don't abuse it or anything. I hope that helps! if you make any additional details to your post I'll check back in and answer any questions you have or make a change to my post to help you more if i can.

  • 8 years ago

    Don't listen to any of the people who tell you that you have a special gift, or that this is legit.

    If anything, you are quite deluded if you believe that you can determine something about somebody else from a dream!

  • 8 years ago

    It is normal for people with second sight. It usually runs in the family though. Use your gift for good, like finding missing children or something like that.

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