Any ideas on making a Skeleton Magic The Gathering deck?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Reassembling Skeleton

    Drudge Skeleton

    Death Baron

    Bone Splinters

  • The problem is that skeleton's aren't that good, but if you are going to go with them, pick cards that synergize with their regeneration ability. These would be cards that bury all creatures such as wrath of god, nevinerral's disk, and pestilence. In fact, nevinerral's disk was a central card in the old necropotence decks. Those decks used Knights of Stromgald however.

    Just for a second compare the two cards:

    1/1 with regeneration [cost: 2 mana]

    2/1 protection from white, 1 mana for first strike, 2 mana for +1/+0 [cost 2 mana]

    For the cost of 2 mana, there are a lot of better cards out there. The hypnotic specter is only 3 mana and its a 2/2 flyer which forces a random discard when it damages a player. Empty the player's hand, then throw down a rack or two

    your problem is trying to kill off the other player and skeletons don't really do that. You need power for your investment. If you are going to use them, use cards that deal damage to all creatures or destroy all creatures, then regenerate them to keep them on the table. You could also use meekstone and paralyze as your creatures are small. Tapping big creatures will keep them tapped with the meekstone and your winnies are free to continue fighting.

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