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Skyrim mission failed :(?


i played today skyrim which is a awesome game!

but i failed a mission 4times now and getting tired of it

im level 6 now and the mission is about a party with people and need to find some information about dragon ..

but i got killed allot ..

sneaking around doesnt work for me

where do i need to get that information ?

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    Yeah that mission was way too hard for me too!

    I just loaded an earlier saved game and left it for a while. I joined the theives guild, the companions and then the dark brotherhood. With the dark brotherhood their armour really helps you sneak around as the boot remove all noise you make.

    I got back to that mission and I was like level 14 or something, and you wait for those two guards at the start to stop talking and get back to their 'rounds' then as their walking sneak behind them and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs there will be a mage at the end of the hallway, I think you have to kill him I can't remember.

    Anyway, long story short I would wait if I was you as your only level 6.

    Hope you do it in the end!

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    "Firstly give Malborn as many health potions as you can and make sure you give him all your armor and weapons that are your best. There is no way for you to sneak around any guards here, you are going to have to face them all.

    Secondly, when you do this think about your saves because you don't want to be reliant on the auto save. Once you go through a door it auto saves and i have found myself trying to escape through doors not knowing about the auto save and now your stuck.

    I suggest taking each section at a time and replenish health before moving on.

    Some knights have swords and fireball which are quite tough and i found the mages electric spell to hurt me quite a bit also so watch out for that.

    Now since you have the quest on finding the items are easy they are in chests etc.

    Once you have made it outside and fought the people out there go inside the office and don't do anything when you go through. There will be a knight in front of you standing with her back facing you. Just wait and listen to the conversation and you will then find out that someone is leaving. Go outside and kill the person. Go back in and get the guards.

    After this you will then find your way to the dungeon. Becareful of the knight she has a stronger mace then the others. You will see them torturing a prisoner.

    Unfortunately you have to save the prisoner which then attracts the last few guards that you will have to fight who have Malborn with them. (Make sure you are healed before you talk to the prisoner). My Maleborn died so not sure if you can save him.

    Anyway you will see a key on the Mage which will let you escape and as you saw in my video i suggest that...


    So yeah you see me die but the trap door auto saved so i was sweet. I did try and kill the troll a few times after but just gave up.

    I hope this is useful to someone out there cause it was hard for me. My only suggestion is to have some good gear and potions and I have no idea how you sneak around these guards."

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