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Could this be the reason for false charges of rape?

First let me point out that boys/men make false claims too.

How many years did it take for rape to be a punishable crime? To be taken seriously? And to this day, marital rape is agrued that it is not possible to rape your own wife, because you are married to her. Men will say she deserved it. Many rapes go unreported.

The reason a woman would do that is because she has no other recourse for the other crimes, indignities, and mental cruelty done to her.




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    I think malicious women with little to no conscience and women who are mentally ill make up the majority of the people who make these kinds of INTENTIONAL false accusations. With both types of perpetrators there is very little we can do to actually prevent their crimes. We don't punish the mentally ill the same way we would someone who is not mentally ill, with good reason. And, punishing the sociopath is completely appropriate but it does little as a crime deterrent. That being said, anyone who intentionally breaks the law (who is capable of appreciating that what they did was wrong)- should be legally sanctioned as appropriate to the situation.

    Many false accusations stem from mistaken identity. I don't think the victim should be punished for making an honest mistake.

    I agree that the social prevalence and specific presence of misogyny on the part of the falsely-accused may well play a part in an act of revenge against the abusive man. Ironically, the anti-feminist would have you believe that it such situations the foundation is actually misandry. Are there women who hate men? Yes. Are they blameless for their hate? I think that people of either gender and from whatever background, have a responsibility to seek psychological help for hatred that strong. I do not mean to leave the reader with the idea that all crimes against men (abusive or not) are excusable because of existing misogyny. I don't personally believe that. I agree with misogyny might be a contributing factor in some cases, but like you, I'd stop short of calling it an EXCUSE.

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    Well, feminism is in directly responsible in allowing a corrupt DA attempt to prosecute innocent people by lieing about the false rape allegation problem and promoting training the police in such a way as to make them anti male, but that aside the only thing feminist's can be pointed to is how they acted. Hate rally-Check Vandalism-Check Harassment of the accused- Check, Death threats against the accused- Check Failing the accused students(lowering grades)- Check Apologize for there bad behavior when it became obvious they where innocent- (Still waiting on this one). So far Duke as a University never apologized and none of the feminist hate professors apologized either yet. No feminist students apologized yet.. Because they hate men and the whole thing gave them an excuse to form a "lynch mob".

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    I have no idea of the reason for false rape accusations (charges are different, although the anti-fems really don't understand that distinction). It seems there is very little to gain from it, yet some women (and maybe men?) still seem to want to hurt the guy in question. So I'd go with "revenge" over any other reason.

  • Jack
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    "First let me point out that boys/men make false claims too."

    I'm sure there are boys and men who make false claims too...but as you started by suggesting that there is a reason for false charges of rape (ie. trying to exonerate those who make them), your agenda is already clear.

    And as many feminists point out quickly that the "overwhelming majority" of rapes are against women, let me point out that the overwhelming majority of those who lie about rape...are also women.

    "Men will say she deserved it."

    Baloney! Seriously, you make a generalization like that...and I'm willing to bet that, outside of trolls, TRUE misogynists and psychopaths, there are virtually NO men who would look at a woman who was raped (even by her own husband) and claim "she deserved it." Seriously, quit lying!

    And this should also be noted: while no woman deserves to be raped, fact is that sex is an important part of a stable relationship. What I find ironic is how a study led by an American feminist in the UK to define "domestic violence" included both men pressuring their wives for sex when their wives didn't want it, and men refusing to have sex with their wives! That about sums up the social misandry in our world!

    "The reason a woman would do that is because she has no other recourse for the other crimes, indignities, and mental cruelty done to her."

    You say this is a reason, not an excuse...but in fact it is an excuse that you're peddling. See, in the greater scheme of things, there may be a point for you here...but the fact is that the world of today IS NOT the world of 100 years least, not in the Western world. And sorry, but piss on your "reason"...the man who suffers as a result had NOTHING to do with the "how many years did it take" nonsense that you're trying to sell here for us to feel "sympathy" for LIARS who are trying to RUIN LIVES!

    You'd have more success selling me on the existence of "the Great Pumpkin."

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  • Jack S
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    I'm having difficulty in assessing whether this is just trolling or stupidity.

    If one man rapes a woman, should another man be falsely charged with rape as punishment? One crime is not a justification for another, although the largely ignorant overwhelming majority of the population might think otherwise.

    The idea of "impossibility of marital rape" doesn't circulate in western countries.

    I've never heard of rape being sincerely encouraged. You just don't know what sarcasm is.

  • Anonymous
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    Rape is a traumatic experience for the victims and nothing to kid about. That said, false charges can ruin someones reputation for life. It's quite irresponsible and downright dirty to do that to someone. These ladies and men that practice this kind of slander deserve a good slap and a criminal charge on their own record.

    The applause found on this forum for rape is either macho posturing or someones very sick sense of humor.

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    I don't see that as a reason. You didn't actually mention any other crimes against her. Women make false rape claims usually to save face, to hurt and humiliate a man, out of a skewed sense of vengeance because he hurt her feelings by breaking up with her, etc. Read up on it if you like. There is no valid, morally correct reason to make up a false rape claim.

    If a crime is committed, alert the authorities.

  • Anonymous
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    Way to take a bunch of unrelated pieces and throw them together to form an "argument."

    False rape accusations and unreported rapes aren't the same issue. Two separate problems, both need to be dealt with separately.

  • Anonymous
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    That is retarded. It's not my fault that rape wasn't taken seriously, I never raped my wife. Why should I be punished for someone else's stupidity?

    I agree that's also the cause for the witch trials. And men don't do that.

  • o O o
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    Of course there are no excuses for the real definition of rape.

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