Can i clean my PC by Putting Fan to 100%?

Ok so my pc overheats to like 100 degrees when i play games with somewhat good graphics..San Andreas goes to 95.I can only play Counter strike 1.6 and source without it overheating..I dont have compressed air so i cant do that.But is there any other ways?I have a XPS 8100 with ATi HD 5770.

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  • Zarn
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    9 years ago
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    No, setting your fan to 100% will NOT clean the insides of your computer. You'll have to use compressed air, q-tips, and all that jazz.

  • Chris
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Open the side of your computer and if you know where it is look at the cpu. If not it usually has a circular fan around it. Its under the fan and kind of hard to see. If its covered in dust, which is a good chance. Take the screws off and get to it. Clean off the dust and put it back together. It should take 30 mins or so and if thats the issue you will notice a huge difference.

    Its kind of hard to explain but you should find it.

  • 9 years ago

    if it over heats use cooling gel for the processor( get some tech assist don't do it by yourself)

    remove the cabin left side cover and it i have a table fan use to cool it

    and i think u use the heat monitor it just works depending upon ur processor fan speed

    play 5 hours and give it some rest if ur r more worried

  • Bert H
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Your heat threshold may be up to 50 degrees Centigrade (Celcius).

    So stop worryin'.

    No compressed air?

    Use elbow grease, that is:

    Try rubbing alcohol and a RAG (Q-tip) and rub like crazy

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No. If you want to clean the dust out, then take the side off and use a normal vacuum cleaner.

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