Democratic Republic of Congo?

Anyone been there? What's it like?

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  • VIC
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    9 years ago
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    The Congo is a fascinating place, and huge. certainly there are areas which are unsafe but there are many nice places to see to, Kinshasa is a busy capital, like most of Congo the people are poor but there are some nice buildings and great markets, be careful however as petty crime is rife. A trip on the Congo river is a must, it is a very wide river at this end and cruising along it you get the feel of the explorer, you will see life in the raw and real Africa at it's best.

    Lubumbashi is a more affluent city than Kinshasa and generally much safer, here many of the mining community live, those that are more wealthy.

    The border areas are much more wild and dangerous especially near Angola, and Rwanda, saying that though there are gorilla safaris to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda border areas, these are fairly well protected for tourists but as with all gorilla viewing quite pricey.

    Congo being a ex Belgium colony has French as it's language and it is helpful if you can speak at least a bit. It has many local languages as well.

    The Congo being such a vast country has very varied landscapes, from the rugged bush and hills of the south to the lush dense forests of the interior and north, it has the second largest rain forest area on earth after Brazil.

    By and large the Congo is a fantastic wild place, not for the faint hearted or inexperienced traveller, the areas that have problems with rebels are best avoided all together, they are dangerous, but often tourists will be well treated and left alone. Crime exists, robbery is common and car hold ups occur but if you are careful and understand the area generally it's Ok.

    Congo is Africa, the name alone has magic and conjures images of explorers, it is like that it is still a great untamed area, much of it relatively still unknown. The roads aren't great out of towns (not that great in some of them either),

    Finally at the moment there is a general election taking place in December of this year and there is a fair bit of political turmoil going on, some violent, Best left for a visit until this is over.

    Source(s): Live on the Congo Zambia Border on Lake Tanganyika
  • Janian
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    9 years ago

    It isn't a safe place to go as a tourist, so I doubt you will find someone who has been.

    There's still lots of trouble there, see this link for more info

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