Skyrim Steam China Unlock?

Anyone know when Skyrim unlocks for Steam in China?


Steam sucks, better to buy from alternative source in future because of slow unreliable releases. Totally useless company with not much support.

Update 2:

Still waiting for Steam to release Skyrim PC in Asia. I wonder how many people decided that it would just be faster to download the Skyrim torrent than wait for Steam to unlock their game?

Update 3:

Most game and film releases are so delayed in China, that no wonder piracy is rampant.

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  • 9 years ago
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    All I can say is ask at a genuine game dealer in china..

    I have been to china & I know it can be harder to find real deal software vs the pirate software.. But if you want to play online I guess you will need to find it..

    But the real deal software will cost a lot more then 5 or 10 chinese dollars.. will be more like at least 400 chinese dollars

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