8th grade math problem?

The manager of a restaurant surveyed customers about their favorite dessert. Some of the information collected in the survey was lost. The remaining results are shown in the table below:

Icecream - 6

Apple Pie - 4

Cheese Cake - 6

Chocolate Cake - 10

Banana Pudding - ?

If the ratio of people who selected chocolate cake to the total number of people who surveyed is 1/3, how many people selected banana pudding as their favorite dessert?

How would you solve it? The answer is 4, but I need to know how to do this.

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    If 10 is 1/3, then you can add that 3 times to get 3/3, which is 1, or the total number of people surveyed.

    10+10+10 is 30. Now that you have the total number of surveys, subtract the numbers of surveys you already know you have.


    You are left with 4.

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    Since chocolate cake people were 1/3 of the total, that means there were 30 total. This is because you would multiply the ten (of the people who like chocolate cake) times 3. Algebraically this is:

    x = total people surveyed

    10 = 1/3x

    multiply both sides by 3

    30 = x

    now you know there were 30 people surveyed, just subtract 6, 4, 6, and 10 from it. You have 4 leftover. So 4 is the answer.

  • 8 years ago

    Chocolate cake = 10, which is 1/3 surveyed, so 10 X 3 (from the 1/3) = 30

    now 6 + 4 + 6 + 10 = 26 (those are the kinds added).

    so 26 - 30 = 4

    so what's left is 4, which of course is the Banana Pudding :), simple deduction! good luck! :)

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    Lets see if I can explain it. Chocolate cake is 10. 10 is 1/3 of 30. 6+4+6+10+x=30. X would be 4. I think.

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    if the 10 people that selected chocolate cake represent 1/3 of the total people serveyed then that leaves 2/3s . Ice cream and apple pie represents 6 and 4 which is 10 , that equals 1/3 then you have cheese cake which represents 6 which leaves your answer of four . basically 10 people represent each 1/3 and the whole which is 3/3rds equals the sum of the total serveyed which is 30

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    1)10/x=1/3, x=30 2) 30=26 + x 3) x = 4

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    Let the ratio of the total number = x. and banana pudding = y.

    Ratio of total for choc cake is 10/x and 1/3. cross multiply, so you would get 1x= 30, so x = 30.

    The total for all given answers to survey is 26. so the missing number, banana pudding (y), has to equal 4.

  • 8 years ago

    Add the chocolate and cheese cake you get 16 add the ice cream and apple pie you get 10 16-10 you get 6

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    i dont know but you could ask your teacher. call a friend who knows or if you have a iphone or ipod you might be able to get a app for it otherwise search it up on the computer.

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