a bette davis movie where's she pregnant?

Vague memories of a movie where - if memory serves - Bette Davis is pregnant and there is a scene where she falls down a staircase and causes a miscarriage. Can't remember any more. Help! It's driving me crazy.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Gene Tierney's character does that in "Leave Her to Heaven". I can't think of any movie in which Bette Davis plays a character who does that. I'll check out her filmography to refresh my memory.

    EDIT: Wikipedia synopsis excerpt:

    The film starts by showing us the novelist Richard Harland (Cornel Wilde) who has been released and is traveling home after two years in prison. In a flashback, we see how Richard meets beautiful socialite Ellen Berent (Gene Tierney) on a train. Ellen falls in love with him, mainly because he so closely resembles her recently deceased father, to whom she was obsessively attached.

    Ellen is already engaged to another man (Vincent Price), but she jilts him and rapidly marries Richard, who at first is fascinated not only with Ellen's beauty but also with her exotic and intense manner. It gradually becomes apparent however that Ellen is pathologically jealous towards any other person and any other activity that her husband cares about. Two tragedies strike Richard: the "accidental" drowning death of his younger disabled brother, whom he dearly loved, and the "accidental" death of Richard's unborn son when Ellen "trips" and falls down a flight of stairs. The husband starts to suspect that his wife is directly responsible for these two deaths.

    EDIT 2: In "The Sisters", Bette's character has a miscarriage but not intentionally:

    Although facing financial difficulty, Louise urges Frank to complete his novel. When she becomes pregnant, she decides to keep her condition a secret but finally reveals the truth when she accompanies Frank to a boxing match and the smoke and smells make her ill. Returning home, Louise suffers a miscarriage while climbing the stairs to their apartment, and her distraught husband begins to drink heavily.

    NOTE: This is accidental, not "accidentally on purpose".


    Source(s): You can read the rest of the summary here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leave_Her_to_Heaven
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