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How can I get a "ball park" value on a 1949 Bowman, Richie Ashburn baseball card in excellent condition?

What is it worth?

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    Card number 214 Richie Ashburn -- Philadelphia Phillies

    Fair $158

    Good $312

    Excellent $389

    Near Mint $534

    Mint $666

    The bottom line is that any card is only worth what a collector is willing to pay.

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    what is excellent condition in your opinion? I would need to see it to be able to tell you if it is in excellent condition or not.

    Dented/dinged corners and edges will reduce it's value substantially. Scratches bends or creases will again hurt it's value. Is the picture and print ont he front and back centered well? Is the card sun damaged or water damaged at all? A card like this can be worth thousands if it is graded and it gets a good grade.

    If you're not sure if it's worth having it graded or don't know how to have it graded find a reputable card shop that has been in business for a few years and ask them for help with it. As it sits right now if it is mint condition (with out a grade) you'll probably get $300-600 for it depending on the market. If you can get it graded and get a score of 7 or higher you're looking at any place from $900-3000. If it gets an 8 or higher you could get even more money for it.

    Keep in mind grades above a 7 on a card this old are next to impossible to get.It has to look like it just came off the printing press (or darn near it).

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    Get it appraised. See Google link above.

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