Why is Danny Carey better than Travis Barker?

I know that Danny Carey is leagues beyond Travis Barker in talent. I just don't have the technical knowledge to explain why. My friend is convinced that Travis Barker is better, and without any technical knowledge I can't counter his argument in any serious way. It is simply my word against his. Can someone that knows what they're talking about please explain in musical terms why Danny Carey is better? I'm looking for legitimate reasons that can be used in a debate. Please help out if you can.


If you believe that Travis Barker is a better drummer leave a legitimate counterargument. I am not alone in my opinion that Danny Carey is far beyond Travis Barker in ability. Yes, Barker is good, but he doesn't have the mastered technique that Carey has.

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    9 years ago
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    I'd say that they just have different styles. Travis Barker also plays bass, keys, guitar and trumpet; this may give him a melodic edge over Carey. Barker has a kenetic Hip-hop/punk style, that sounds best on collaborations with artists like Tom Morello, and Blink 182 of course. Barker could be considered 'better' if you include his popularity and flexibility. TOOL's Danny Carey is a virtuoso drummer; and completly eclipses Barker technically. Here's some reasons why: Carey is 6'5" tall, giving him greater dynamic and sound control; he can play polyrhythms, odd time signatures and polymeters independantly with both his hands and feet(!); he practices technique rudiments geometrically; he played in the Kansas City Jazz scene; he was the studio drummer for Carole King; also played for other serious musicians like Adrien Belew (King Crimson), Skinny Puppy, and Les Claypool; he studied Tabla drumming with Aloke Dutta; also he studied Jazz drumming with the legendary Ben Kelso.

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    5 years ago

    Carter Beauford is without a doubt THE best of anyone else out there! DMB fan 4 life!

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    9 years ago

    who is the better drummer? one who plays punk beats over 4-5 chords..?? or the one who's got polyrhythmic beats..off time signatures..and that awesome gong in Lateralus :P ..

    depends on wat type of music u listen to i guess..to punk pop fans..barker wud be awesome..from prog metal fans...no doubt..danny!!..

    technically..danny whoops barker's *** though !!

  • 9 years ago

    Carey is not better. You're living a dream.

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  • 9 years ago

    Lol... cause he's not!

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