How would it be for an American (soldier's wife) to move to Germany?

So my Fiance is in the army and is considering reenlisting. If he does (which I have a feeling he will) he probably will be stationed in Germany. We will be married in a couple months, long before he would have to leave. I have never been outside of the United States. I do not know a word of German. Of course I would move there with him so I am just wondering how it would be? I am currently getting my Masters in Nursing and then going for my PA. How are the colleges over there? Would I have to learn the entire language before (if) we make the move?

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    9 years ago
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    Hi Britt,

    you can move to Germany before learning the language (most U.S. soldiers and their families do), however, to get a job in Germany with a German company you need to speak the language pretty fluently.

    Here's what I would do. Since you have a few months before moving to Germany you should start leaning the language. I don't know where in the U.S. you live, but a lot of community colleges offer Germany language courses. When you get to Germany enroll in German language courses as soon as you get there. Maybe German language courses will be offered on the base where your husband will be stationed, if not, you can enroll in the so called "Volkshochschule", which is like a community college and very inexpensive.

    Before you can go to a regualar college you need to be pretty fluent in German though. German colleges/universities are very good by the way.

    A lot of U.S. soldiers and their families make the mistake and hang out only with other Americans, and a lot of them don't speak any German even after living in Germany for several years. I strongly recommend to live off base (if you can afford it), make friends with Germans and get involved in activities with them. It will be kind of difficult in the beginning, but it is the only way to learn a language fast.

    A good way to make friends is to join some kind of organization like a tennis club, soccer club, gymnastic group or whatever interest you have. Don't be shy, go out with your husband to local pubs, have some beer with the locals, get drunk -lol-, and you will make a lot of friends, have fun and learn the language in no time. Don't get frustrated though because the German language is a lot different and yes, much for complicated than the English language. But what the heck, after a couple of beers it'll get easier.

    Have a great time in Germany. I know that you will love it.

    Source(s): I am from Germany living in California.
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    I assume all (or mostly) the paperwork will be done for you. Personally, I love Germany, the language, the different regions, but that's personally. I know many people who don't like the country at all. How long are you planning to live there? If it's for at least a year, I'd definitely go on holiday first to see if you like or not.

    You don't have to learn German, but it would make your life lots easier. I speak quite some German and people always appreciate it and ask me where I'm from.

    It also depends where you're going to live in Germany. If you're going to live in a small village, I'd say yes. In a big city like Berlin or Frankfurt, no, many people (especially the youth) speak well English. There are few colleges in English, but most are in German.

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    You will love it. I had the opportunity to live, train and tour Germany several times when I was in the Military. Get involved with the Army community programs directors office when you get there and gather as much information as you can. There is so much to offer that you could literally spend every weekend traveling somewhere new. It is very easy to get around and some of the small towns offer the best food and entertainment. There is nothing better than enjoying a relaxed dinner at a sidewalk cafe without a care in the world. German culture is very relaxed unlike the American microwave lifestyle. Both are good, but if your going to live in Germany plan on slowing down and enjoying life. Take advantage of your first year of marriage on a great European adventure. Good luck and have fun!

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    I have only one thing to add to the other good comments:

    I have absolutely no experience with nursing training, but I am pretty sure that nursing is not taught at universities in germany, but at special nursing schools. So maybe it would be a good idea for you to plan ahead and ask around so you don't get a bad career surprise when you arrive here. For example, find out, how your masters degree will be rated by the nursing schools/hospitals here.

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    live off base if possible otherwise it is like being in a miniature America. There is no point in that.

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