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help with slovenia food?

I have citizenship tomorrow and we need to know what Slovenian people eat. Preferably similar to what we eat in Britain? Can anyone help me please?

Thank you for anyone that does help.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Recipes from Slovenia can be really nice. They range from pasta, yogurt, sour cream and fruit salads to sweet and sour boar with chocolate, red wines and prunes, or lentil soup with navy beans and neck bones. Mushroom soup is made with sour cream and butter. Pancakes and strudels often feature fruit and are popular for dessert.

    There are lots of breads and pastas in Slovenia because the people love dough-based foods. Sausage and cabbage stew is another popular meal. Pork used to be the most popular meat in Slovenia but today beef and chicken are probably more popular. Dandelion is a wild lettuce and it is often mixed with potatoes to make salad.

    Nuts like hazelnuts and walnuts can be used in dessert recipes, as well as wild berries. Slovenian food isn’t much like British food but it is really flavorful. You should also be able to get a lot of typical staples to make British food with, if you do not want to eat the local stuff all the time. You can get meat, fish and vegetables and make your own food sometimes.

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