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Will apple release an iPad 3? ?

Will they? Also, where does Apple go from here now that Steve Jobs isn't around?

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    Yes they are estimated march 2012, here is whats expected to be on it :

    Retina Display: Strong rumors suggest that the iPad 3 would be armed with retina display, offering 2048×1536 pixels resolution.

    SD Card Slot: Expectations of people are that Apple might introduce an SD Card slot in iPad3.

    Improved HDMI: Though iPad 2 supports HDMI playback, one needs an additional digital AV adapter costing $39 more. Hence, expectations form iPad 3 is that it should have an HDMI port eliminating additional HDMI cable requirement.

    Camera Flash: People expect an iPad 3 to have a camera with flash.

    Thunderbolt: A Thunderbolt port is expected in the iPad 3, thus offering power and data connecivity at faster speed, using same connector.

    Wireless Synchronize: Unlike wired connectivity, iPad 3 is expected to offer wireless synchronization of content.

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    Did you know that Steve Jobs didn't exactly create the products. I'd give you a most likely. iPad 3 will probably be like an iPad 2. It probably won't be easy. Apple might have some hard times without Steve Jobs. A couple years ago, Steve Jobs got fired from Apple and they realized that they couldn't do anything without him. Yeah, so Apple will have a couple hard times, but they'll get through it.

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    Without doing any research, I would say that it would be safe to assume that they would release one. Apple seems to have a history of releasing product after product. It seems like there is always a new iPhone coming out. Apple doesn't need Steve Jobs to operate. They will be fine, Steve Jobs was more of a figure head anyway. The engineers at Apple are all still alive and working.

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    Apple was supposed to release one in September, but they made ios 5 instead, so I'm thinking the iPad 3 will be saved until next year.

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    When steve jobs cancer got worse he resigned and apple was run by someone else. they came up with i phone 4s when steve left and ipad2. its a shame he died but he did quit his job a year ago. so the ipad 3 will come out without steve on earth.

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    Well according to Apple's pattern of releases, it seems as though every year they release a new product version for most of their products, for instance the iphone, a new one has come out every year for like what...6 years? They most likely will come out with another version of product for the iPad 3.

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    The Apple is rotten without Steve jobs, though I'm sure they'll perform some kind of satanic ritual to bring him back so he can consider himself the ruler of the earth again.

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    iPad 3 will bed released as soon as all of the people who bought iPad 1's have upgraded to an iPad2.

    Once they all have iPad 3's then the 4 will be released.

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    iPad 3? For sure, it'll be awhile before they even whisper any details about it though. Im saying 2013 or 2014 for sure, somewhere around there. If not they'll come up with something even better than that.

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    Im sure they will, but i can not say they will ever make an expandable memory slot of any kind. look at their history. No iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad has ever had expandable memory. But anyways, im sure one will be released with minor improvements.

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