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Too early for morning sickness?

Okay so here's the thing. I got my period on the 24th of Oct. and it was gone the 27th. I did not take my pills on the 26th & 27th since those were the white ones and it does not matter if I miss those. Now I was not able to make it to the pharmacy due to setbacks during that weekend and I was supposed to start my birth control again on that Saturday the 29th. But since I couldn't make it to the pharmacy until monday night the 31st(I take my pills in the mornings) I took 2 pills Tuesday morning the 1st of Nov. one for tuesday[Nov. 1st] and one for monday[Oct. 31st]. Since I wasn't sure if I could take 4 at a time. And now I know that it was dumb of me to take 2 at a time!

Okay so Tuesday and Wednesday[nov. 8-9] I felt really sick, I thought I had the flu, I had a sore throat, horrible headache[it felt like a major hangover headache], my whole body was sore, I slept all day and had lots of nausea. Now today the 10th I dont feel that sick anymore I just have lots of nausea.. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the 28th of October and also on the 7th of November but I know the 7th would be wayyy to early. I know it's too early to test, but what do you guys think? Do ya think I might be pregnant? I have heard about some women who get morning sickness as early as a few days to 2 weeks into pregnancy.

And please don't judge me about being irresponsible, because I have seen that a lot in other pregnancy questions. I'm just asking for your opinion. Thanks in advance! :)

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    I am 6w6d along and I JUST started having those great mornign moments.. so everyone's body is different.

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  • 8 years ago

    morning sickness doesn't come with sore body and sore throat... you probably just had a cold.

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