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Toilet doesn't flush completely, have tried plunger and rod, live in the city so there isn't a septic tank?

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    the home improvement store sells a toilet auger for about $15

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    Is this a new development?

    Check to be sure your toilet is flushing properly. If the flapper is dropping too soon, you don't get the full effect of the charge of water in the tank, and you get stuff hanging around for the second flush.

    When you say "rod," do you mean a proper toilet auger? I few minutes with one of those will completely assure you that there is nothing left in the trapway to cause future flush failures. I have several at work and even one at the house. I never have to call a plumber.

    If nothing helps, look at whether you have a blockage in your main line. That can appear to be a toilet blockage since the toilet, unlike most things in your home, sends a big charge of water and waste all at once that tends to pile up against the blockage.

    If the problem persists and you know the main line is clear, consider replacing the toilet. I did, with an American Standard Cadet 3. It's a super thrifty water saver model, and even so it does a better job than my old water-waster from the 80s ever did.

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    I sometimes have that problem too and what I do is I always put a container beneath me when I shower to catch the run off water. Then when I flush poo I pour water into the toilet while flushing it so it completely flushes.

    A second less appetizing alternative is to get a toilet plunger if it is actually clogged. But then poo can get on the plunger and I hate washed it off in the sink, so I end up cleaning it off in the toilet instead.

    You also need to make sure you don't put in too much toilet paper, of course. If you do you might need to both add extra water and use the toilet plunger if its still stuck.

    Open the top of the toilet up and watch it flush, check if the ball is closing properly because sometimes it just needs to be readjusted a little.

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    attempt a old metallic coat hanger or a undeniable long curly cord which you push down and revolve, attainable from plumbers retailers, as a final hotel get some drain cleanser I have been given some called helpful shot and it grow to be ninety 9 in line with cent sulphuric acid,I dont be conscious of what the equivalent may well be in united states of america besides the shown fact that it is going to be attainable from plum,bers retailers, evil stuff be very careful with it besides the shown fact that it cleared my lavatory in approximately an hour, that stuff dissolves something.

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    See if you can locate a clear out chamber out in the back garden and try rodding from there this may clear your blockage for you and also check you vent stack for any obstructions as these can block the air as all systems need air to function properly and may be worth taking a look and clearing it out if needs be ok,good luck.

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    I would call a plumber and have the line routed.

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    call the ninja turtles

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