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How to breed an Axew in Pokemon White?

Hi There,

1) What pokemon should I use to breed with it? ( I just defeated the 6th gym like 5 minutes ago so I don't even know if I can)

2) What moves can they learn with that pokemon? eg. Outrage or something.

3) Also ...How can I uhm... breed a Deino? :P

I would really appreciate a detailed answer, because I kinda really need 2 dragon types haha. (:

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    As long as you got the right pokemon and have reached the daycare, you can breed anytime you want in the game. Universally, you can use a ditto as your sex slave to breed the pokemon you choose to pair it up with and receive an egg containing it's first stage of evolution. Other than that, you can look at what egg type/s the pokemon you choose is and pair it with another pokemon with a common type for successful breeding. Keep in mind that egg type is not the element of the pokemon.

    So for an Axew, its egg types are Dragon and Monster, so you can breed any of its evolutions with, for example, a Charizard (Dragon) or even an Abomasnow (Monster). It's important to remember that the pokemon bred will be the species of It's mother, so make sure you breed a female Haxorous/Fraxure/Axew with a male other !

    In terms of egg moves, the baby will inherit egg moves from the father, meaning the father must have these moves in order for the baby to learn it. Axew can learn: Counter, Dragon Pulse, Endeavour, Endure, Focus Energy, Harden, Iron Tail, Night Slash, Razor Wind and Reversal. I'm not too certain about level up moves though, like Outrage, so you'll have to experiment.

    Deino's egg type is only Dragon and can learn the egg moves: Assurance, Astonish, Dark Pulse, Double Hit, Earth Power, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Head Smash and Screech.

    To find other compatible egg type pokemon, just search it up on sites such as or Bulbapedia.

    Sorry for the overload of information, hope it makes sense.

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    All your answers can be found here! If you have any other quetions about any other Pokemon, you can just type its name into the search box on the site I gave you above.

    Hope that helps!

    Pokemon rules :)

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