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What is the best way to find a psychiatrist?

I am 16, my mom died almost a year ago, and although my family is supportive, they do not really give me the emotional support that i need to stay okay mentally. I tried multiple times to convince my dad that i should periodically see a psychiatrist, but he was not convinced.

SO, after talking with friends and having many rough times, i feel that i should take it upon myself to find a good psychiatrist!

The person i choose needs to be covered by our insurance company, or else my dad will definitely not let me do this. My plan is to find a suitable grief therapist who can help me, then tell my dad what my plans to help myself are.

This way he will see that i am serious and need to get help. (normally i am a lighthearted person who covers over feelings of sadness or pain, so it is difficult to get him to see whats going on in my head right now)

Are there ways to find therapists through your insurance company?? Like programs and such that are covered by your insurance?

Any suggestions for me would be really great,


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    We are sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. Dealing with the death of a loved one, especially as close as your mom, is a very difficult experience. You seem very wise to recognize that you need help with the grieving process and how to move forward in a healthy way. It’s unfortunate that your dad isn’t on board, but this may be due to the grief that he’s experiencing. Hopefully by you doing all the leg work to get this service set up he’s give you the green light.

    Yes, you can contact your health insurance carrier and ask them for referrals for a psychiatrist and/or therapist that is located in your community and in your “network”. In-network simply refers to providers that are contracted with your health insurance carrier to provide services to plan members.

    Contacting your health insurance carrier would probably be the easiest route. But if you have a well-known insurance carrier like Blue Cross Blue Shield or United Heath Care, it’s likely that most providers will accept your insurance. If this is the case you can contact the mental health professional’s directly and ask if they accept your insurance.

    If your dad is currently working full-time it’s possible that his employer offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a part of his benefits program. An EAP is intended to help employees and their family members to deal with personal problems they may be facing. This is basically a certain amount of counseling sessions that are free of charge to the employee and their family members. This may be something that you dad might consider as it is free of cost.

    If you have additional questions or just need someone to talk with, feel free to give us a call. Here at the Boys Town National Hotline we have counselors available 24/7 to offer you support and guidance. You can also check out our website that is just for teens by going to At this site you can check out tips we’ve given to other teens, email a counselor, or access our free online chat Monday-Thursdays 8pm-11pm CST.

    Take care and we wish you all the best.

    Jessie, Counselor

    Boys Town National Hotline


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    i would start with your school counselor. they can get in touch with grief counselors who often are at schools following a tragedy

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    You should google it :)

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