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Where can I find a fragrance distributor willing to donate some cologne samples to nursing homes.?

We are a non-profit organization on a limited budget. We visit a different nursing home every 3 months and deliver necessities such as bibs and lap blankets. The patients are asing for colognes and after shave but, I am finding them out of our price range. Please help.

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    Every industry in the United States has a charitable donation budget. It is a standard write off. Now the key is getting in at the right time.

    Many years ago I was a volunteer mom and I had many charities wanting this or that or raffle prizes. Yes I even got a few cruise packages and air line packages in my time.

    The thing is to start writing your letters now and get them in the post on December 30th. All the old request go in the 'trash' so to speak at the end of the year and the new letters are accepted January 1.

    I have found if your letter gets there before December 31, it gets discarded with the rest for that year and not carried over for the next year.

    Every Wal-mart, K-mart, Sears, JC Penny, Stater Brothers, Albertsons, etc. has their own budget. I hit all the stores within a 75 mile radius from where I am. I also go for all the cruise lines and the air lines as well as all the hotels and the amusement parks. Living in California there are quite a few.

    You need to do the same. Make a form letter explaining what your group does and what you are hoping to get from each company. You need to be specific. You also need to provide your non-profit organization number as well as the complete name and the head of the organization with a valid address and contact number. The companies WILL verify this information.

    Make sure you ask for gift cards if specific product requests cannot be filled and let them know what you will be using the gift cards for, i.e. purchasing the cologne and after shave or giving 5.00 cards to residents to buy their own.

    This isn't an easy job by any means and the first few years I didn't get much, you have to work at it and you have to work at having your name and your organizations name on the charity lists but it does happen and every little bit helps.

    I am sure that the fragrance distributors work in similar ways. I only buy one perfume so I am not familiar with distributors but I would go down to the local rite aid and check out the manufacturers on the labels and that is who I would be sending my first letters to. I'm sure the manufacturers from old spice or whatever would be happy to give to such a worthy cause.

    Good Luck!

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