WDYT of my families names?

Just bored and wanted to get some opinions.

Michael and Savannah(My husband and myself)

-James Michael, 2 weeks

Eleanor and Bruno(My sister and law and her husband)

-Adrian Tyler, 8

-Louis Andre, 5 (Louis is pronounced like Louie- it is a french name)

Richard and Isabelle(brother in law and his wife)

-Satchel Richard, 12

-Nathan Recce, 10

-Chloe Danielle, 4

Sarah and Zachary(sister in law and her husband)

-Derek Gabriel, 14

-Anthony Joseph, 13

-Emily Grace, 10

-Brooke Elizabeth, 5

Just state which ones you love,like,and hate

BTW- Everyone who is mentioned knows about this. They were over my house a couple of hours ago for my husbands birthday and we thought it would be fun. You can be brutally honest, the kids are already named so it doesn't affect us. Thank you :)

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    Overall, great names!

    Michael and Savannah- I have always loved the flow of Michael and Savannah is awesome!

    -James Michael, 2 weeks- Congrats!!! On the sweet little man (assuming he is the one in your icon picture, is SO beautiful!) and on picking an actual quality name! Too many Jaeydynn's out there nowadays.

    Eleanor and Bruno- Eleanor is beautiful, Bruno is very strong

    -Adrian Tyler, 8- I have always love Adrian! Sounds great with the more modern Tyler

    -Louis Andre, 5 Love Louis, very very handsome

    Richard and Isabelle- Two awesome names!

    -Satchel Richard, 12- Satchel is well, interesting? If it weren't the name of a bag I would like it more but it makes me thing of Indiana Jones, Love Richard

    -Nathan Recce, 10- Now thats more like it! I like this!

    -Chloe Danielle, 4- I've never liked Chloe, Danielle is to die for though!

    Sarah and Zachary- Not a huge fan of Sarah, Looooove Zachary!

    -Derek Gabriel, 14- This is the exact name I wanted to name my son when I was in the fourth and fifth grade! Gabriel would be after my brother. And the weird part? I wanted twin boys named Zachary and Derek!

    -Anthony Joseph, 13- Love this name! SO handsome! Tony is the cutest!

    -Emily Grace, 10- Very classy and sweet, I like!

    -Brooke Elizabeth, 5- Pretty! Flows great :)

    My favorites are Anthony Joseph, James Michael, and Adrian Tyler :)

  • 9 years ago

    Michael and Savannah: Michael is ok as a first name. 4/5 I love Savannah: 5/5

    -James Michael: Obsessed with the name James, and the name Michael is best as a middle name and suits it well. 5/5

    Eleanor and Bruno: Eleanor is cute. 4/5 Bruno....: 1/5

    -Adrian Tyler: It's ok. Doesn't flow great. together: 2.5/5 Adrian: 3/5 Tyler:2/5

    -Louis Andre: Too many different name styles. 1/5

    Richard and Isabelle: Richard is ok, but the nickname Dick is ridiculous. 2.5/5 Isabelle is better than Isabella, but I like the shorter spelling. 2.5/5

    -Satchel Richard:.... A satchel is a kind of bag or purse. This is cruel and unusual. .05/5

    -Nathan Recce: Is the middle name supposed to be Reese? It's clearly a family name, but I like this. 4/5

    -Chloe Danielle: Teeheehee. This is what my 4 year old dog is named. Yay for four year old Chloe Danielles! It flows so nicely. 5/5

    Sarah and Zachary: Ok names. Sarah: not a fan.2/5 Zachary: 4/5

    -Derek Gabriel: It'd sound better switched. 3/5

    -Anthony Joseph: Eh. Not crazy about this. 3/5

    -Emily Grace: Emily is boring. Grace is beautiful. total: 2.5/5

    -Brooke Elizabeth: Should be switched. 4/5

  • Michael and Savannah(My husband and myself)--Michael is a good name and I love the name Savannah.

    -James Michael, 2 weeks

    ********* It's a good solid name. My first thought was 'kinda boring', but I would rather see "boring" any day rather than another kid named Bentley or Axel. So, it's a good name. I have a son whose middle name is James after my husband, so obviously I like the name. And when did traditional become boring? Stupid influence of society with kids named Apple and Sparrow...

    Eleanor and Bruno(My sister and law and her husband)--Eleanor is kind "old' to me, but I love the nickname Ellie. Bruno makes me think of the judge from Dancing With The Stars..

    -Adrian Tyler, 8

    -Louis Andre, 5 (Louis is pronounced like Louie- it is a french name)

    *********I really like Adrian, but never used it because it's just too unisex for me. I love Tyler, and the very masculine middle name is a nice balance. I think Andre paired with Louis is odd. It sounds weird together, they don't fit at all. But, I've heard much worse names than Louis.

    Richard and Isabelle(brother in law and his wife)-- I have a son whose middle name is Richard. Isabelle is cute. I do not like the nickame Issy though.

    -Satchel Richard, 12

    -Nathan Recce, 10

    -Chloe Danielle, 4

    ******I really like Nathan and Chloe together. Satchel isn't my favorite, it's not bad, but it does not fit with Nathan and Chloe at all. It sounds like a different set of people named Satchel and the other two. Not seeing thm paired as siblings, I like them individually.

    Sarah and Zachary(sister in law and her husband)--Both good names. I prefer Sarah without the h.

    -Derek Gabriel, 14

    -Anthony Joseph, 13

    -Emily Grace, 10

    -Brooke Elizabeth, 5

    *********All good names. I especially love the girls names! I had four boys, but if I had had a girl her name would have been Emily Elizabeth. The boys have good solid masculine names. Nothing crazy, but not boring either. Good job with these names!

  • 9 years ago

    Love James Michael- I hope he will be James and not Jimmy--10

    Also would give a 10 to Chloe Danielle

    Then 8 to Nathan Reece and Louis Andre

    7 to Adrian Tyler and Derek Gabriel

    6 to Emily Grace

    5 to Brooke Elizabeth, Anthony Joseph

    4 to Satchel Richard

    and to adults (you're not exempt)










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  • 9 years ago

    Love the names, mostly. Not keen on Brooke as I don't care for the last name-first name thing, and Satchel.... where I come from that's a thing you put your school books in. (And the last name -first name thing applies here too)

    I love Louis Andre

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