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True or false: you've had your golden birthday?

What age did/will you turn on your golden birthday?


A golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date. For example, say your birthday is April 10th. Your golden birthday would be when you turn 10. If you were born on December 31, your golden birthday is when you turn 31. If you were born on February 29 (which would be a leap year,) then your golden birthday would be when you turn 29.

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    Every birthday can be golden-it's all a matter of perspective

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    I was always taught the golden birthday is 50, which I'll be next summer, but by your scale I reached and pst it nearly 20 years ago (Birthday 8-30)

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    I had my golden birthday when I was 15.

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    Ya, all of them were great when I was a kid but I felt when I turned 12 they stopped being fun. And 16 - it wasn't that great, and it's not sweet. You expect it to be so fun and it is just a dissapointment, probably the worst birthday of my life so far....

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    my golden birthday? i guess mines would be 21 or 18. and false, I'm not quite there yet.

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    23. False

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    True and 16

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