for my october rent i had 2 money orders that i turned into my office someone stole them and cashed them which means i had to pay the rent again plus late fees i still had the money order receipt and had to pay for a copy of the front and back cashed money order the person wrote his name next to mine like it was made out to both of us and put their apartment number below mine my apartments says this person does not stay in that apartment and do not know him they cashed it at ace cash express and ace is not willing to give me my money back i filled a police report but how do i get the money back moneygram told me i can pay a extra $35 per moneyorder to get the money back in 3-6 months i do not have the time or money to do that also the back of the money order is not signed on this copy of the cashed money order

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  • 9 years ago
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    file police report

    get a lawyer

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