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What causes people to become serial killers?

Lots of kids go through traumatic experiences and suffer from childhood abuse, but still grow up to become law abiding citizens. So what exactly is it that makes innocent child transform into stone-cold killers? What traumatizes their minds so much that they become psychotic and evil?

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    Much could traumatize a kid, read about Charles Manson's childhood, Jeffrey Dahmer, Panzram, those guys, then put it all together. Serial killers are the most fücked up psychopaths.

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    I have read quite a few books about serial killers and such and it's interesting to look at the history of some of the more notorious killers and see what could've set it off.

    One thing would be obviously childhood trauma - some of these killers have been abused physically, mentally, verbally and sexually. They grow up with not only the pain from their experiences, but also the belief that it's "normal" to do such things and some may even grow to like their abuse - sounds crazy, but it's not as uncommon as you probably think.

    Secondly, some people may not be 'inherently' evil at all, they just stepped over the mark and killed in the heat of the moment. There are plenty of people who are not evil at all but have killed, e.g. take the Japanese student Issei Sagawa (not sure on the spelling there) - he killed and ate a girl, but read anything on him (even the author of one of the books I have on murder has met and spoken to him) and you'd find he's actually a very nice man, who just happens to have made the ultimate mistake in indulging in his curiosity of eating human flesh. He has said multiple times how he regretted it and even wrote a long letter of apology to the girls' parents. Obviously it doesn't EXCUSE what he did, but I'm just trying to point out that not ALL murderers are evil, nasty people.

    Another point would be that, interestingly, a lot of the more notorious killers have suffered some sort of head injury when they were younger and from there they started to become increasingly 'evil'.

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    they think that instead of killing themselves they will killed everyone who wronged them and others to prove a point that they were strong or somthing else normally the killings are linked in some way

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    They have an inability to control thier anger, then thier anger makes them impulsive.

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