Looking for Cheap Chinese Electronic Manufacturers?

As the title says, I am looking for electronic manufacturers who offers cheap mp3 players, laptops, table pcs, and so on. Everything i've found seems to be very expensive, so its almost no worth to import anything. So can someone please help me out.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is not easy to find manufacturers just base on using internet. Most of those manufacturers are already selling their stuffs on ebay, so there is no reason to sell a large quality to you and you resell them. One of the cheap wholesale online place is http://china.alibaba.com/ . They sell qualities and cheaper than ebay. But, you have to have access to Chinese bank account to make payment. Taobao is another one that sell individual goods with cheap price. Again, you might find the prices to be much cheaper in these websites than ebay, and you can usually negotiate for lower price.

    Shenzhen, China is the place that you will find many cheap electronics, but I don't know where those factory located. For example, the Monster Beat Studio headphone sold for USD$299 in the USA, but you can buy it for lower than USD$40 in large quantity. And the quality and the packaging will be the same (There is Level A, B, C quality in China. I am referring to quality A here).

    If you really want to start a business, you should just create your own manufacturers in China, because it's cheap (I heard it's about USD$10,000 to start a normal sized one couple years ago) and there are many talented workers that good at mass copying products and electronic manufacturing. So you can skip all those middleman and get the lowest price possible. But there is risk to liability.

  • 3 years ago

    hi, there are various issues which you will possibly desire to purchase as they're much less costly, with your greater suitable replace cost. For computing gadget stuff, i'm going to assert which you in all probability get them greater cheap in US particularly than in Bangkok. in all probability basically upload-ons that are made regionally would be much less costly, like media playing cards. As for garments, the wholesale middle is in Pratunam and you may discover many shops merchandising at very low costs, much greater in case you purchase in numbers. Take a walk around the shops interior the location. those might carry greater ideal high quality or maybe branded products too. different than that, much less costly client electronics would be those that are made in China. those would be much less costly, something, greater ideal get them someplace else.

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    6 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

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