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The perfect solution to the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and all other professional sports.................?

In order to put an end to lockouts such as the now resolved NFL and the current NBA one, the solution is simple. To prevent what is currently happening and in order to ultimately improve the quality and competivenss of all of our beloved sports leagues current contracts and pay plans must be BURNED!! The answer is to create a base salary for all leagues (some leagues can be different than others) and structure contracts to be completely performance based and incentive biased. This will prevent players "taking games off". This will improve quality of play and allow each and every player in every league and on every single team and at any position to "EARN" what he/she deserves and is truly worth. This will weed out the individuals that are in a league that don't belong there. Let me give you examples of the flaw in the current leagues.

Example 1:

Vin Baker gets a $100 million contract from his NBA team and the very next year his averages drop to career lows and he sits out of 1/4 of the seaon with "nagging" injuries.

Example 2:

Albert Hayesworth gets a $100 million contract from his NFL team and shows up to training camp 40 lbs overweight and misses almost 1/2 the seaon.

These are only 2 examples but there are literally hundereds of others just like these that hurt our favorite sports. Why have the leagues never adopted these type of pay structures? ONE WORD: UNIONS <------- that is the evil word and the problem in all of our leagues.


WHAT IDEAS DO YOU HAVE ?????????????

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    It's a good idea in theory, but there are way too many problems.

    What are the incentives? 20 points per game = a bonus? If that was true, everyone would be a ball hog. So many players are great without putting up monster stats, and so many players put up monster stats without being great. Your model last year would have saw Monta Ellis make more money than Dirk Nowitzki.

    I think in order to have the best quality of play, there should only be 1-year contracts. Every player would have motivation to play the best.

    But players would never allow this to happen.

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    owners will hate it...

    A. NFL owners can already just cut anyone they want at any time... they didn't have to pay hanesworth...

    B. there are far more Joe Forte's out there who are near leading the league in rushing making salary minimums than hanesworths...

    in other words... the system currently benefits the owners much more than your system...

    also, how do you determine fair market values and how they earn?

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