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Can passive immunity be used to cure a disease? How?

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    Passive immunity has been used for several decades to cure people who have specific types of fast acting infections where the alternative might be death of the patient.

    Passive immunity can be the transfer of antibodies from one person to another. As you know, this happens naturally from mother to unborn child and later through nursing - one of the most important advantages to breast-feeding until the infant can produce its own antibodies.

    You are asking about artificially acquired passive immunity which amounts to a short term immunization which is a treatment used when vaccination or other steps will not act rapidly enough or the risk of infection is urgent.

    Just because the process works for certain infections and disease, does not mean that it will work for all.

    Artificially acquired passive immunity began centuries ago. A. E. Housman wrote about it in a poem,

    "Terrence, This Is Stupid Stuff". Scroll down the page to come to the part which discusses how Mithridates made himself poison resistant.

    You can read all about Passive Immunity in Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases:

    I think you will find the explanation at Wise Geek an easier read:

    "Passive immunity is a form of immunity which occurs when antibodies are transferred from one person to another individual, or when antibodies of animal origin are introduced to a human. This type of immunity is short acting, and is typically seen in cases where a patient needs immediate protection from something and he or she cannot form antibodies quickly enough independently.

    In natural passive immunity, antibodies are passed from a mother to a child. Antibodies can be transferred through the placenta, or transmitted through the colostrum, a liquid which is produced in the breasts for a baby's first meal. The antibodies transmitted through the colostrum and placenta generally only last for several weeks, which is long enough to allow the baby to start to build up its own immune system and to make its own antibodies.

    Artificial passive immunity involves the introduction of antibodies through means such as injection. For example, in the treatment of some diseases, patients may be given a serum derived from patients who have recovered to help them fight the disease. This practice is sometimes seen when people are dealing with an outbreak of a new or extremely virulent disease for which no known treatment is available. In some cultures, colostrum is used to produce passive immunity in adults in the same way that it does in children."

    For the rest of the article, go to:

    You can review the chart below to see which conditions, infection or disease have been shown some or no value in treatment or cure.

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