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Christians- what do you do when all your christian friends are becoming drug heads?

they keep pressuring me to do drugs. All kinds of horrible drugs. My best friend came over one day and he smelled like he was under the influence of pot...I told him he couldn't come in to my house because it was a christian house. He said something about the bible being written on hemp-- I swear it was the type of hippie talk they keep us away from in church!

I'm afraid they will try to make me do some or put crystal meth in my food or something. I know one of my friends is really into heroin these days he said I should try it but I know it's only because he wants me to buy some for both of us. I told all of them no I am a CHRISTIAN.

I'm so scared I feel like Jesus in the Garden but I'm not as strong you know?

I can feel them chest hot. They are getting close. Please answer quickly the first to do so will get 10 points within an hour and a half. Oh God, why did you take my friends?! I feel like Job a little too but I haven't his faith neither.

How can I turn them all back into christian lovers from drug heads and save the town?

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    Non medicinal drug taking is sorcery and that is another form of idolatry. No matter what you do, do not submit to the temptation to be like them It sounds like you're fighting them off but never, ever, submit to taking any kind of drugs that alter the mind.

    You will probably have to dump your best friend because there's nothing good that comes from a person who engages in recreational drugs. They are losers because they are too weak to go through normal life sober. People like that have a way of breaking you down. They will use your desire for friendship to get a foot in the door in your life. Once they have your trust, they will do all kinds of rotten things to you and make your life miserable.

    Most of what is passed off as Christian is pagan, so I would stay away from church

    A person like you described is weak and ineffective in almost everything. Evil is weak, and good is strong. Stay within God's commandments and you'll be strong. But once you start compromising your morals, you will slide into the hole just like them.

    You're strength is residing in God's commandments. Do not fear the evil as those who act like that are pathetic wretches. Enjoy the life that God gave you and stay away from evil. I know it is hard sometime, but you have to do it if you want to have a decent life. Evil has nothing to offer.

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    A christian would say pray for them. I would say to not be around them. Find new friends. People who abuse drugs will most likey try and get you in on it. I believe in using pot for spiritual purposes. But once someone gets on the heavy stuff doing it just to have fun...that's not good. The herb was put here for recreational purposes. Just like any non-christian should do, get rid of your friends. A friend that tries pressuring you, isn't a friend at all. God didn't let it happen. They did.

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    Get new friends. Think of it like this ...

    If you are standing on a chair, it is a lot easier for all of them to pull you down, than it is for you to lift them up.

    My pastor says, take a picture of your friends and put it in the wall, because the way they act now will be you in a few years.

    If someone is unwilling to go down the path you are on (Christian walk), you need to leave them behind. Continue to pray for them, but keep your distance, or else you will fall like them.

    Matthew 15:14 "Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit."

  • well, the Bible was written on hemp, but maybe this is the good reason and use for it, not to be smoked. It also is good as food and drink and God said He gave us every green herb of the field to eat. Anyways, the cross that God may be asking you to bare may be to give up your friends. I say give up, but not give up on...continue to pray for them. If you think they will lace your food or drink than there are trust issues, and I don't like friends I cannot trust.

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  • Anonymous
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    Go to the local fish mongers. Once there ask to be struck hard in the face with a wet sea bass.

    It might just knock some sense into you!

    What a sap.

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    Are you serious Pot isnt bad you fool. Smoking pot has nothing to do with getting into Hard Drugs nothing more than Alcohol does. If anything you should smoke some and read a little about it.

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    i think it's best if u let a priest or an adult u trust know about this. and most importantly u should let go of this friendship..and also keep praying for them. Jesus knows in what way he will touch their heart. :)

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    honestly you should pray for them talk to people and they wont like it but let their parents know its for their own good i have had to deal with this before.

  • Clyde
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    Show endless love towards them and quote Scripture or leave you friends for they are not worth losing your soul over.

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    Are you laughing at us? I don't believe you are being serious here.

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