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Is marcus dewayne powell in dallas county jail?

Birthdate 7-2-74

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    Try this link or give them a call.

    Online Record Search, Dallas County, Texas

    Find an Inmate; Find Foreclosure Notices; Find your Case ... Jail Lookup; Jury Services; Legal Information; Pay Online ... Dallas County Online Record Search Dallas County Online is pleased ... - Cached

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    4 years ago

    it somewhat is like enjoying roulette - it ought to circulate the two way. i know somebody who have been given arrested that way (traveling a pal in penal complex in PA while he had a warrant out on him). i does not possibility it. you will desire to make arrangements to get those warrants dealt with ASAP, via fact in the event that they finally end up catching you till now you're taking it upon your self to restoration the situation (and that they are going to finally capture you), they are in a position to impose greater advantageous outcomes.

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