How would Philosopher Adam Smith would describe and fit into the movie "Wall Street" played by Michael Douglas?

And why do you think Adam Smith will fit since he is associated with; laissez faire, invisible hand.

if not which philosopher for ex: Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, and John Rawls would best fit the movie Wall Street and why?

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  • LORD Z
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    8 years ago
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    Curious place for this question but appreciated none the less.

    Smith would not have an idea what this whole stock market, SEC, 401K pension plan thing is all about, or arbitrage or, any of the concepts in that movie are. He and all these other guys would call you a witch and in Kant's case have you burned at the stake by the Catholic Church.

    If you are looking for a philosopher close to Gordon Gecko you may find some help in Nash's Equilibrium to explain Gecko's "Greed is Good" as the interest of the individual is in a perverse way justified by the thought that the investors profit and thus the market if the companies are raided. This is not Rawles greatest good for the greatest number argument or Mill's utilitarian doctrine in that the utility of Blue Star is not in question as good has nothing to do with anything here and utility is not being measured only dollars and cents.

    You might try a little Marx as he would vilify Gecko as exactly the reason to communize the economy such that the truly enlightened can best use the means of production. Then again Gecko is the most enlightened person in that film.

    Source(s): Philosophy degree; Business degree, used to be Movie expert for three years
  • leaman
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    3 years ago

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