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Any civil war buffs out there?

Help me please!

20. His nickname was the "catholic general". he lost at chickamaga and retreated to chattanooga

21. Led the confederate attack at chickamauga and chattanooga

22. Abandoned Atlanta, GA out of fears that a battle would lead to destruction of the city

23. Commanded the Army of the Potomac until his resignation in June, 1863. Captured lookout mountain at the battle of chickamauga after being transferred west.

24. commanded the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg. Became general Grants puppet after Grant came east.

25. Union hero of chattanooga whose troops attack the center of the confederate line.

26. Only the second man to be nicknamed lieutenant general in the history of the united states. He was once accused of being a drunk.

Possible answes-

a. Robert E Lee

b. Ulysses S. Grant

c. James Longstreet

d. Braxton Bragg

e. Joseph E Johnston

f. William Rosecrans

g. George Thomas

h. John Bell Hood

i. Ambrose Burnside

j. George Meade

k. Joseph E. Hooker

l. Joshua Chamberlain

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    20. f. William Rosecrans

    21. d. Braxton Bragg

    22. h. John Bell Hood

    23. k. Joseph E. Hooker

    24. j. George Meade

    25. g. George Thomas

    26. b. Ulysses S. Grant

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    Here's an offbeat alternative for a Civil War buff. Harry Turtledove has written an complete sequence of books centered on what could have occurred had a Confederate dispatch rider now not misplaced Lee's orders on the Battle of Antietem. As a outcomes, within the sequence, the Confederacy wins the Civil War and turns into a separate nation. Somehow or an additional he manages to hold matters intriguing over the following 9 volumes. The conversation is trite every now and then, the writing is a bit of hackneyed each as soon as in a whilst, however it is nonetheless a amusing learn for persons who experience "What if?" sorts of books. Again, one other style of alternative.

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