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Does the City of Boston have any sort of "Culture"?

I ask because in school we have to write about where we are from (I live out of state now). I asked the teacher what I should do and she said I should do Boston (the one in MA, not England), because that's where I grew up. The thing is though, I don't know what to write about. We are also supposed to provide pictures. I know I am the only one doing it but still, I have nothing. Culture, History, everything like that. It has a lot of history but still.. when I think cultural, historical, etc I think of Europe. Not Boston.

What could I do?


I'm in High School by the way*

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    Every place has culture. Culture doesn't have to mean high culture, first of all. The things people eat, the way they dress, the patterns of their social interaction, their values and mores, all that stuff makes up their culture. Think of it this way; suppose someone came to stay with you from Georgia, or California. What would they notice that was different? Are people in Boston more polite than elsewhere, or are they more aggressive and confrontational (I had a guy who came here - NH - from Philadelphia, who made a point of saying "don't mess with me - I'm from Philadelphia." Apparently they're very aggressive down there). Do you tend to have the same thing for dinner every night or do you eat a lot of different things? Is there any particular food or dessert that locals pride themselves on - is it called "Boston Baked Beans" or "Boston Cream Pie" with good reason? This kind of thing is easier to see if you travel or if you've lived elsewhere - if you haven't, try asking friends or relatives who have. There's also Boston's sports culture, built around the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics.

    Meanwhile, Boston has plenty of high culture too. You have Harvard there, for goodness' sake, not to mention an extraordinary concentration of other colleges, museums, and theaters. Boston has as much of all that as much bigger cities like New York and LA. If you start digging you should find a whole boatload of musicians, artists, and writers who came out of there. That concentration of colleges also means a lot of high-tech businesses in Boston and around its beltway - it's almost a second Silicon Valley.

    Part of all that high culture is also that Boston has a reputation for a very elite upper class culture, old families with old money, the closest thing America has to a nobility. Think of the phrase "Boston Brahmins," the Kennedys, all the people those museums and colleges are named for.

    History, of course, you know. That emphasis on education in Boston comes from the Puritans - Massachusetts had the highest literacy rate in the world in the 17th century because the Puritans insisted that everyone should be able to read the Bible themselves. I'm sure you know all the stuff from the American Revolution, and then later industrialization in America began right nearby, in Lowell.

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    Boston is the site of the Boston tea party, which had to do with Europe. It has boston commons. There are several galleries in boston. It helped shape America as many Europeans took their first stops when they came over through the harbor and into port in Boston. Keep looking, you will most certainly find the culture you are looking for. :)

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    You have the internet at your finger tips.....'History of Boston US'........... 'culture and art in Boston US' ..................think about your project and think what you need

    search Boston photographic images and you will find lots..................... and ask your parents...if that is where you are from they will certainly give you first hand culture, history, information and it will be a very personal account and show you have interviewed someone...not just asked online...........

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