JJ's story in Criminal Minds?

Okay, so, i saw an episode of Criminal Minds of Sky Living two weeks ago, and i instantly fell in love with Reid and i liked JJ as well. Then, i watched an episode the weekend after, and JJ wasn't in it. I was asking my friend (Who has seen every single episode) what happened to JJ and she said that she was pregnant in the show and left 'to go and have the baby'. My friend said that this was at the beginning of Series 4. I then watched an episode today that i'd recorded, and JJ was in it again, and that episode was in Series 5. i then watched a series 6 episode, and JJ failed to star in that. Can you please tell me which of this information is true or tell me what actually happens to JJ?


Series 4: JJ leaves

Series 5: JJ comes back

Series 6: JJ's gone again

Thanks for your help!

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    A quick "JJ rundown" by series number:

    2 - When the team works a case in New Orleans, JJ meets New Orleans detective William LaMontagne. They are mutually attracted and begin a long-distance relationship.

    3 (near the end) - JJ discovers she is pregnant with Will's child.

    4 (middle) - JJ has the baby and goes on maternity leave. For several episodes, she is replaced as media liaison by Agent Jordan Todd. Later in the series, JJ returns to the team and Todd leaves. (In real life, JJ's actress A.J. Cook had a baby, and JJ's absence was timed to accomodate Cook's maternity leave.)

    5 - JJ is with the team for the entire series (and Will is shown as having moved to D.C. to be with her and their child), but there are some behind-the-scenes rumblings that she is being pressured to take a position elsewhere.

    6 - JJ leaves the team for a position in the State Department (she is basically forced to), but makes a few guest appearances (she is listed as a recurring character for almost all of series 6).

    7 - JJ returns to the team full-time, along with Prentiss, who left midway through series 6. Prentiss's story is a completely different can of worms!

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database - http://CriminalRecords.raiwi.com/?kvzz
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    Jj Criminal Minds

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  • 8 years ago

    season 4 absences was her maternity leave

    Season 6 was a result of the producers attempting to then the budget by removing her and Paget Brewster's Prentiss - -- replacing them with a new girl (who might have commanded more - she was Scarlet in GI JOE) but was still cheaper than 2 people and shifting Garcia to cover the function of teh missing character

    Season 7 sees both women return and the replacement leave -- due in no small part to massive fan out cry (it also helps that a lot of the cast and crew were not fans of the decision to write them off.. and in the season 6 episode where JJ is forced to move to a different division by her higher ups... a good deal of dialog-- and even the show ending quote could have been directly applied to the real life situation

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  • 8 years ago

    Last season, JJ left as the show was cutting back on its budgets. I won't spoil how they made her left for you on the show, but financial concerns was why she wasn't on it in real life. I think the producers got a lot of backlash on the show, so they have her back on for the current season.

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    specific I did die a splash interior. I enjoyed her character. She became into my renowned lady. It hasn't been introduced who will replace JJ yet, yet i think of there is an episode the place they seek for somebody to alter her. i think of her storyline would be wrapped via her taking a clean job she would be in a position to't refuse.

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  • 8 years ago

    JJ was offered a job in the DOD and she accepted but came back when Prentiss supposedly "died". After Prentiss came back, she was here to stay.

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