Do Sunni Muslims permits muslims from other sectors to pray "Jama'a" with them?


Do they permit* ?

Update 2:

@Jwuaar , I don't believe you gave me an answer ..

Update 3:

@Arakanattack , you missed the point.

anyone is permitted to pray anywhere with sunni muslims but I point at "Does that include Jama'a Prayer?"

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not only Sunni Muslims but also Shia Muslims permit Muslims from other sects to pray any salat including Jama'a with them.

    Followers have choice, if they want to pray behind them or not.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes, they do. Today I was offering maghrib Salah with a Shia friend.

    The main condition is that the Imam behind whom the Muslim is praying MUST NOT be a Shirk doer!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Today we see that Many Muslims are divided into many sects and they feel proud to be known by their sects instead of just as Muslims. This is indeed a sad situation because Quran and Hadith are strongly against Making sects and dividing the religion. Today Muslims calls themselves Shafi, Maliki, Hanafi, Deo Bandi, Belvi, Sunni, Shia, Ahle Hadeeth and many other sects but my question to those muslims who are divided into sects that what was Prophet Jesus, Moses, Joseph, Adam and most importantly Prophet Muammad Saw? They where just Muslims. What where Hazat Abu Bakar, Umar, Usman and Ali r.a? They where just muslims. then why you are not just Muslims why you are divided into sects and feel proud to be known by your sect instead of just as Muslim?

    Even more Sad thing is that many sects gives Fatwa's of Kufar against other Sects, feels it right to kill Muslims of other sects and don,t offer Prayer in Masjid of other sects. Allah Swt says in the Holy Quran "Don,t be divided into sects and hold the Rope of Allah strongly. Prophet Muhammad Saw said whoever divides our religion is not from us. There are several Verses of the Holy Quran and Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad Saw against dividing the religion into sects. Enemies of Muslims also tries to create sectarian violence among Muslims to week them and then defeat them. we have example of Iraq and Iran how these two Muslim countries continue to fight for several years and millions of Muslims from both sides where killed in this fight. My question to those Muslims who are divided into sects that did a Israeli soldier watches before killing a Muslim that he is Shia or Sunni? He kills him simply because he is a Muslim. We Muslims need to leave Sectarianism and be united to face the plans our enemies are making against us. May Allah Swt give Hidaya to all those Muslims who are divided into sects.

    Edit; I saw this article the other day and I thought it was cool. Just wanted to share. But basically you shouldn't divide yourself!! That's a basic answer =] The above writing technically says that we should be united and we should leave Sectarianism. Even though there is a Shia or some other Sect, let them be with you.. Instead of leaving them, give them Dawah.

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  • Leila
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    9 years ago

    Yes and we shouldn't label ourselves it just separates muslims. We are one Ummah and as long as we believe that we won't go astray.

    Source(s): muslim that follows Quran and Sunnah not sunni or shia etc
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  • 9 years ago

    you say sectors, what are these sectors can you list them please?

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