ways to help to you understand math better?

what are some good ways to help you understand math better.....anything helps

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  • DaveWH
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    8 years ago
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    There are lots of ways to try and improve your understanding of basic maths, and I'm sure that there are many excellent books that you could find on-line. Generally, if you are studying a particular topic that you are having difficulty with, you have to try and pin down exactly what it is you don't understand. The more accurate you can be, the easier it will be to sort out the problem. From my own experiences, often times, if I can't understand something it was due to the fact that I had long since forgotten some basic stuff on which the new stuff depended. That is a common theme throughout all learning. Let me give you a few study tips that can be applied to any topic.

    1) If you know that your teacher will be covering a particular topic next lesson, then try to pre-read the chapter in your text book. This should not be an in depth study, but just a quick once-over of the material. Look at any diagrams, and formulae. Make a note of any assumed knowlege and refresh your memory on it.

    2) Do you belong to any study groups? It a good idea to get together with other students, especially those who are good at the subject, and see how they deal with the things.

    3) Never be afraid to ask questions in class, no matter how stupid you think they might be. You will be surprised how many others don't understand it either!!

    4) I am currently engaged in self-study. I don't attend any classes so I don't have anyone else to talk over my problems with. But, there is one technique that has helped me more than any other. Most good text books have plenty of worked examples in them. So I read through the chapter to familiarise myself with the main ideas. I look at each worked example and cover up the answer. I try to answer it. If I get stuck, I slowly uncover the answer as far as the point at which I'm stuck, then I start again. If I have no clue as to where to start [ a frequent occurrence!!] I read through the solution carefully. I try to make a note of any formulas used, any algebraic techniques used, and I look to see how the wording of the question has been translated into the required maths. I then cover the answer and see if I can reproduce it. This approach takes patience and discipline, but it works for me.

    Anyway, I do hope that at least some of this will help you. Good luck with all of your studies.

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    i could oftentimes say an hour, yet for this reason i could choose for the 0.5 an hour ones. once you first start up something new, something you're taught could be at as quickly as forgotten no count if it is not practiced in many situations! additionally, in case you finally end up with 2 instructions one week and nevertheless 0.5 an hour a week after, it is one extra 0.5 an hour of driving! different than for that, you seeing the horses/ponies you would be driving extra in many situations gets them used to you swifter than staying with one for an hour and then no longer seeing them for some weeks. If i become on your place (which i desire to be quickly, i'm wanting to start driving back yet have not got the money :( ) i could take the 0.5 an hour ones :)

  • sharon
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    8 years ago

    most math is repetition, systematic. For example when you solve and equaiton, you always isolate the variable you are looking for.

    alot of math has a formula and knowing the right formula help i.e.volume of cube, volume of the square etc...

    once you understand the formula or variable the rest is repetition..add like, isolate variable etc...

  • Yuri
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    8 years ago

    if you are having problems remembering math facts use spaced repetition

    wikipedia: forgetting curve

    google "Algebra Acrostic Dictionary" and "Geometry Acrostic Dictionary"

    these are a collection of mnemonics for algebra or geometry.

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