Facing college suspension....:(?

I tried nursing school in the past (twice) and each time I had to withdraw, first time, the house my husband and I was renting and foreclosed with my family still living there, we had to leave immediately. Landlord never gave warning. Second time my husband got laid off so I had to go back to work to pick up where he left off. Now, I am granted to go back this one semester on probation but I may have to withdraw again because my husband new job is in California. Suspension is about to happen, how can I get off suspension? How long does it last? Can I attend a school in California to complete my degree or at least take a career technical course? Fafsa and my Lender say that I'm not on anything and I am in good standings, my school is doing me plz


I gave all the information I could, the school said each time I withdrew from nursing school left me "0" hours completed for the semester so that put me behind on semester hours. They told me Fin. aid is doing this, I call my lender and U.S. department of Ed and pulled up my info and said, and I Quote: I have no idea what u talking about. You are in good standings, contact your school.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Voluntarily withdraw from school as soon as you are certain that you will be leaving town before you can complete final exams. Do not wait until the last minute. Try to negotiate that your withdrawal will not result in suspension. The earlier you start negotiating, the better will be your chance of success.

    You can certainly attend a school in California.

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  • Lauren
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    8 years ago

    If it has nothing to do with your FAFSA and its just your school, you should be able to continue your education at another school. Putting you on probation for leaving school twice doesn't make sense, unless it had something to do with your financial aid. It seems like you don't have enough information.

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