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What are some good heavy metal bands?

The music I listen to is

Attack attack


Lamb of god

Asking alexandria

Please put any songs by these bands or other bands thanks

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    Those arn't heavy metal. They are the scene "core" bands that are more on the punk side than metal. Execept lamb of god which is more of groove/metalcore.

    Unn, some bands like the ones you listed.

    Chelsea Grin

    Beheading of a King


    Suicide Silence

    As Blood Runs Black


    The Devil Wears Prada

    Job for a Cowboy

    Disfigured Elegence

    Blind Witness

    Source(s): Personally Im not really into deathcore or any other cores, but my buddy is obsessed with this stuff and this is what he listens to.
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    Its pretty shamefull you put Lamb of God in a list with those terrible bands..

    anyways, some heavy bands are

    Born of Osiris




    Sylosis (very heavy considering they use standard tuning)

    Animals as Leaders

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    9 years ago

    PSYCHOSTICK is the best metal band ever. They are heavy metal comedy.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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