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do rabbits have binocular vision?

I know humans have binocular vision but do rabbits? If not what do they have?

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    By binocular vision, I presume you mean that both eyes see the same thing slightly differently and merge the image to give one picture with field of depth, like ours do. Rabbits do have a small amount of binocular vision (field of depth), when they are looking forwards, but it is only small.

    Their eyes are at the side of their face, and in natural wild rabbits (and some domestic breeds) they are above the mid-line. This means that each eye can see all around them, above, side, and below. There are two blind spots directly in front of, and behind the head. This is useful as a prey animal, as it allows almost complete surrounding vision, but this is not binocular, but Monocular.

    We made a video with rabbit expert Dr Anne McBride, called 'What is a rabbit' - she talks about this in detail at around 5.00 - 6.30

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    Some domestic breeds have the shape of their head altered from that of the natural design, and so the eyes may offer more or less binocular vision, depending on where they are - Lionhead breeds, for example, have eyes that are more forward facing than the natural design - it would be safe to assume that they may well have increased binocular vision.

    Hope that helps :)

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    Binocular vision is when both eyes are used to see, and so yes they do have the same as humans.

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    Not really - if they did, both eyes would be in front of the face (like a human, ape, dog, cat, etc).

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    They kinda do but kinda don't because. they don't hace the best isight in the world hope this help

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