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I am being fired in the second

I am being fired in the secondary school? how


in the King Ling College!! SAD!! wilson yu

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    My view as follows:

    The Sentence: She has worked in this company for over 20 years after she had fired from ABC company..

    Note: Changes in the grammar should be made for the above sentence.

    Point 1: “Had fired”

    1) Past perfect tense is used here, but this tense is normally used to describe a finished action in the past relative to a past action.

    E.g. “The boss fired Tom yesterday after he had broken the vase in the previous week.”

    2) This is active voice and it presents the meaning of “dismiss(ing) an employee” in this case.

    a) “The boss fires Tom”

    b) “Tom is fired by the boss.”

    i) “The boss has fired Tom.”

    ii) “Tom has been fired by the boss.”

    Point 2: “Be fired from the company”

    被開除 = “is fired” / “has been fired” / “was fired” / “had been fired”

    被公司開除 = “be fired by the company”

    被解除職務 = “be dismissed from a job”

    Point 3: One of the full stops should be deleted.

    The suggested amendments are concluded as below:

    She has worked in this company for over 20 years after she was fired by ABC Company.

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