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Lawrence asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago


. After orchestrating the massacre at Black gulch, which caused the winding chasm to run red with Skaven blood, Scyla was gifted with massive brute strength and hulking, ape-like arms. Thanking Khorne for his blessing, Scyla launched a series of daring raids on the war-dhows of the Plenipotentate Ibn Dhul, personally reducing the flagship of the Dhuli armada to splinters. This time his bravery was rewarded by a serpentine tail ending in a snapping maw, Scyla’s merciless slaughter of the Chaos Dwarf delegation sent to trade with his tribe resulted in a profusion of horn-like plates that spread across his body.

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    經過精心策劃那場讓蜿蜒曲折的峽谷染滿鼠人鮮血的大屠殺之後,席拉被賜予無與倫比的蠻力和像猩猩般厚重的手臂.帶著血神的賜福, 席拉對布利里普頓公國的艦隊發動一連串致命的侵襲,親自把公國艦隊的旗艦弄得支離破碎.

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    這次他獲得一條蛇狀的巨尾,其盡頭有張長著利牙的血盆大口,作為英勇的獎賞. 殘忍地屠殺來到部落裡進行交易的混沌矮人的行徑,讓大量角狀的鱗片遍佈了他的全身.

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    後策劃大屠殺黑西部片,造成運行 Skaven 血紅色纏繞鴻溝,Scyla 被天賦與巨大的力量和笨重的像猿猴的武器。Scyla Khorne 感謝他的祝福,推出一系列的大膽突襲 Plenipotentate · 伊本 · 日,親自減少到碎片的 Dhuli 艦隊的旗艦戰爭-三角帆船上。這一次他的勇敢,榮獲蛇紋石尾對齊魚肚,Scyla 的無情屠宰的混沌小矮人部落與貿易派出代表團導致了大量的分散在他身體的喇叭狀板中結束。

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