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不是我的家庭作業 是我自己給自己的作業..


and how about his english?

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    在 Word 寫後貼上來, 不知為什麼有些字連在一起....

    What’s up everybody? It’s Edison Chen, and you are watching Channel “Almost Perfect” is a story of a(n) Asianfamily caught in American culture, and you know kind of the dysfunctionalities ofit. It’s about learning to love andlearning to forgive and move on, I think. You know, it’s funny cuz one of my agents is really goodfriends with Bertha’s really good friend, and they had mentioned my name overlunch, something about a movie that Bertha was doing, so they got me thescript. I read the script. They wanted me to be the male lead, I saidno, because I didn’t want to do that mushy mushy ushy stuff, and they offeredme that other role that actually I was more gravitated towards, which was Andy,and you know, I think Andy is kind of really, really, really close to who I amactually. Not now, but who I was when I wasyounger, so I kind of gravitated towards that, and you know it had been alittle while since I had been in front of the camera, so I was kind of itchingto act again, so all those reasons kind of put together is why I was in “AlmostPerfect”.因為字數的限制, 其餘的po在意見,,,

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    Sorry, 不知道奇摩的字數是用什麼算的,看來可能要發表幾十個意見才貼的完, 我直接email 給你, 沒收到再告訴我.

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    Good job DH.... It takes a lot of patience to do this. ORZ.......

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    抱歉因為功力不是很厲害加上影片有點長 分段給.ˊˋ


    我是把我聽到的英文打下來 但是如果你是要我做成字幕黨的話我就比較不會了

    而且也沒有影片原檔 就算做了也不能保證對到影片

    1.on the film almost perfect

    I'm on the most perfect this a story of a Asian family in American culture,

    and um you know a kind of dysfunctionality survey.

    It's a...about um...learning to love and learning to forgive and move on I think.

    先給第一段>.< ((因為要睡了...



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