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星銀島 I still here 吉他譜


覺得這首歌不錯 想練吉他



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    I'm still here

    PS. 遇到+2 表示加兩拍經過音 以三連音彈第5弦ㄉ第5格

    第4格 和0格 {也就是空弦} 所以會有兩ㄍ三連音彈540 540

    指法 | T 1 31 3 T 1 3 1 3 | {因為是SLOW ROCK節奏 所以三連音的方式彈奏 T為2/3拍其他都1/3 }前奏 | A D |A D | | A D | A D | 1. I am a question to the world Not an answer to be heard 2. And what do you think you'd understand? I'm a boy, no, I'm a man

    | A D | B7sus4 D |1. Or a moment That's held in your arms2. You can't take me And throw me away| A D | A D |1. And what do you think you'd ever say? I won't listen anyway2. And how can you learn what's nevershown? Yeah, you stand here on your own| A D | #Fm E D - | 1. You don't know me And I'll never be what you want me to be

    2. They don't know me Cause I'm nothere {+2}1. 間奏| A D | A D | > 2. 副歌 | A D | A D |And I want a moment to be real Wanna touch things I don't feel

    | A D | B7sus4 D | Wanna hold on and feel I belong| A D | A D | And how can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same

    | A D | #Fm E D - | +2|They don't know me Cause I'mnot here{but I'm still here } { 此段最後ENDING改唱 * 段 }

    | D E | #Fm | D E | #Fm |They can't tell me who to be Cause I'm not what they see

    | D E | #Fm | D E | #Fm |Yeah, the world is still sleepin while Ikeep on dreaming for me

    | D E | #Fm | D E | #Fm E D - |+2+2 |And their words are just whispers and liesthat I'll never believe

    | A D | #Fm E D - | +2| A - #Fm E |

    * I'm the one now Cause I'm still here I'm the one Cause I'm still here

    | A - #Fm E | A - #Fm E | A - #Fm E | D ~ I'm still here I'm stillhere I'm still here

    因為字數受限 所以第三段主歌部份我就不打上ㄌ 請自己找詞來唱吧!!! 和弦是一樣ㄉ啦!! 不好意思摟!!!!試試吧!

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